Wednesday, April 30

Who's talking to you?

So here I am involved in this battle. I have two thought processes working and I can't figure out which one I'm supposed to follow! Tonight, right at this very moment, I'm not really sure if there is really a right or wrong. That's what really keeping me in a tizz. Being the black and white person that I am, gray areas really annoy me. I know it's possible to just have a different opinion and not actually be right or wrong, but black and white works so much better for me!

The scripture that comes to mind is "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial." So can I use that to bring balance to my thoughts? If my decisions are leading me down a path that is beneficial and goes along with the guidelines that God has me working in right now, then maybe I can put to rest the condemnation that assaults me.

I know that is what is truly at the basis of this battle I am involved in. Are my thoughts condemnation or conviction? I am beginning to believe they are condemnation, but I do not want to be to quick to pass judgment on myself and then discover that I am on a path I do not want to be on!

So the question for all to consider is this...Have you been too hasty in your self-evaluation only to discover that things are not in their proper balance? Maybe you should stop and re-evaluate!

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