Friday, May 16

Absolutely Amazing

This is Brandy. And she's the one who is absolutely amazing! Have you ever met someone who you just wanted to be around and cling too? She's that kind of a person. Her demeanor is strikingly soft like black velvet displaying a diamond ring. She is beautiful. Her eyes sparkle and her face glows. I guess she's as much like the diamond ring as she is the black velevet!

As you can see her profession is in the medical field. And WOW you couldn't ask for a more professional and confident worker than her! I have watched her work on several occasions and she is the most cordial, fluent, caring nurse I have ever met. Not to say I haven't met good nurses before, it's just that Brandy shines above them all.

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landt said...

Thank you Pastor Trudy for the beautiful blog about our daughter! She is amazing in our eyes. It's wonderful to see that other's notice her inner beauty and compassion she has for her patients! God truely blessed and her with her caring affect that she gives to all that come in contact with her! We appreciate both you and Pastor Pat.