Saturday, May 3

My Friend Michael

Michael is away at a Teen Challenge and has been gone now for a little over a month. Now obviously, if he is at a Teen Challenge he didn't go because he never does anything wrong and always makes good decisions! But in spite of his bad choices I love Michael dearly. :)

Michael has a good heart. He's exceptionally talented and, if you ask me, he's brilliant. He never ceases to amaze me by the amount of talent and skill that comes from such a young man. Michael is loving and kind, he's quick to laugh and enjoys the success of hard work. His excellent work ethic will make him quite the bread winner some day!

Michael only gets to make phone contact with family or friends twice a week for 10 mins each. Just the other day I was pouting to myself that I hadn't heard from him yet. I was hoping that after he'd been at Teen Challenge for a while and got sick of calling Mom & Dad, that maybe I would hear from him! Well to my surprise he must be sick of Mom & Dad already and miss his favorite Pastor's wife more than he misses them because he called today!! (no offense Mom & Dad!) I was so happy to hear his voice.

He is doing well and seems content in his new surroundings. He boasted of his accomplishments in school and asked about the church, the youth group and our family. He also chatted with Pastor Pat for a few minutes while Pastor Pat quizzed him about his activities and whether or not he had healed up from cutting his head open the first few days he was there!!

Pastor Pat then encouraged Michael and told him how we have been praying that God would change him so dramatically that people wouldn't even recognize him. Michael is an incredible young man and I am looking forward to the fabulous things God is going to do for him while at Teen Challenge.

I love you Michael and we'll keep praying for you....Pastor Trudy


sassy chic said...

Wow what a tribute to a young man who has been sent to Teen Challenge! Makes you wonder what in the world he is doing there! I appreciate your love and support though and he is everything you said he is...for those of you who are wondering Michael has a Dr. Jekyl/Mr Hyde thing going and we are believing God is going to deal with the Mr. Hyde part, just so you know that is the reason he is at Teen Challenge. He couldn't have more loving or supportive Pastors than he has in Pastor Pat and Pastor Trudy, they walked with us from the beginning to the painful parting and we appreciate and love them beyond words for that!

Plowboy said...

Thank You so much for being there for us and helping us walk this difficult road. It means more to us than you know. Thanks for not giving up on Michael!