Sunday, May 4

getting to know me a little better

This is for everyone who would like to get inside my head and just can't figure out how!!

I love to have one on one conversations about things that really mean something.

I hate to talk about the weather, sports, and other no depth subjects!!

I like to shop alone, but it's nice to have someone along to tell me I look good (huh?)

I have a great disdain for schmucks.

If I could choose to start my life over, I would start the day I got married--I'm really sorry the rest of you weren't able to catch the perfect man :(

I am very much ADD and yes, I take drugs for it! (it's an alternative med called DMG)

I hate having my plans changed at the last minute. That really annoys me. (sorry, it's an ADHD characteristic)

On the other hand, I really don't care what the plan is, just have one!

I hate to cook. (Good thing Patrick likes to!)

I love working at the church.

I hate to clean house.

I enjoy staying busy, a full calendar is much better than an empty one!

I really like chocolate covered strawberries, lemon cake from Olive Garden, Bellini tea from Olive Garden, Rib Crib, and of course my mother's homemade bread!
And someday...I'd like to go on a mediterranian cruise with my best friend in the whole world... my husband!

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Pastor Pat said...

Can someone let me borrow some money for a Med cruise???