Friday, May 9

It's happening today...

Remember my post that said "I did it!"? Well, now I've really done it!!

So, here's the scoop. I did send in my letter to the editor, but it only published in one of the two papers I sent it to. The paper it published in was the lower exposure paper. I found out this morning that my letter in the higher exposure newspaper will hit Welch today. Today people will be reading shocking facts that I quoted from minutes of a school board meeting about a school board member.

I will be interested to find out if I start getting ugly phone calls at my home or at my office!! So far I have only recieved thank you's and appreciation for exposing the facts. I guess ultimately it is a test of my character. A test to see if I will buckle under the pressure of what people might think or stand strong for what I know is right.

Being a Christian I relate what I am doing to the Roman soilder attire Paul referred to. I think about the shoes that the Roman soilders wore. They had spikes on the soles that were 3-6 inches long!! Roman soilders used the spikes in two ways. One, to kick an opponent and do some serious damage!! And, two, to remain in a standing position. With your shoes dug 6 inches into the ground I can imagine it would be difficult to be pushed over!!

So back to the scripture, Paul admonishes us to "Stand." That is how I feel about this issue concerning this board member who is making bad choices. I am choosing to Stand and will not easily be pushed over!

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sassy chic said...

Good for you! Making a stand is hard but it really is the only way to go especially in this situation. You are making right choices.