Friday, May 2

Tipping the Vessel

That's what I'm all about! You will discover as you continue to read my blogs that for the most part, I'm all about looking on the inside to check things out. "What's so important about checking things out on the inside?" you may ask. The following is my reply:
  • What motivates you? What is truly in your heart shows when you do anything in life. So when you determine why you are doing it, then you determine what is in your heart.

  • Take care of your illness before you try to Dr someone else! I know we all hate to admit it, but sometimes the issues we have in life are created by us. :ouch: Taking a look at our own heart sometimes brings to light that we need to take care of some of our own issues before we go trying to take care of other peoples issues.

As we progress through this life many obstacles are thrown in our way. The way we respond to those obstacles is a tremendous reflection of what is going on on the inside!

Those of you who know me may have heard me say, "When the vessel is tipped, what pours out?" The interesting thing about a vessel is that they are so varied. They can be ornately beautiful or as simple as the one pictured. Another interesting thing is the same thing can be poured from either vessel. It could be the sweetest drink you have ever tasted or the most sour and repugnant drink you could imagine. Either drink could come from either vessel. The only way to find out what is inside is to tip the vessel and see what pours out....

So today's self-evaluation question is this... "What's pouring out of your vessel?"


Plowboy said...

I think mine (my vessel) is cracked!(leaking all the time!)

sassy chic said...

Well today I have been very good, I haven't said anything that I regret I haven't hurt anybody's feelings, but of course I just got out of bed. I will see if I can maintain this for the whole day. I know, I know that wasn't the point of your commentary, I just like to yank your chain.