Thursday, May 22

It's All About You!

Something that's really been on my mind lately is "Accepting responsibility for your actions." In the past months I have witnessed grown adults denying responsibility for their actions. It amazes me how an adult makes a choice to respond to a situation and then openly states that it wasn't their fault they responded the way they did! I find that shocking.

I am also amazed at these people who attempt to defend themselves in this area. They get on a soap box complaining and griping because they were the victim and then, you can always count on the next statement..."It's not my fault". Wow!! How can the decisions you make not be your responsibility?

We are all dealt cards that we would prefer not to have, but how we choose to handle those cards, whether we discard, or hold onto them, is completely up to us. We are completely, totally, and solely responsible for our choices. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we can definitely control how we respond to those circumstances.

I say step up to the plate and accept responsibility for your choices. Good or Bad. Right or Wrong. Be an adult, make adult decisions. Deal with the consequences.


Pastor John said...

Preach it sister, I'm with you. People need to step up and stop blaming their bad choices on others.

sassy chic said...

If I stop blaming you for all my bad choices how is that going to make me look? Come on I think you are asking way to much of me. Everything in my life that is bad is your fault...or Charlies~