Wednesday, June 10

Upcoming photo shoot

I'm excited for my second daughter Camry, she's preparing for her second photo shoot this coming Saturday. This one is to have 2 looks, classic and high fashion. Classic is easy. Camry does that every day of the weak. Classy and timeless comes natural for her. Edgy and high fashion a little more difficult. We've spent some time preparing for this shoot. It's been fun buying things that Camry wouldn't normally wear. Mixing colors and styles that are very much on the edge for my classy young lady.

So Saturday we'll see a mix of purple, black, and yellow, with hats and scarfs and blingage. I can't wait to see how they turn how. She's really excited and working hard to be prepared as she can be. If the shoot goes well, these pics will be added to her portfolio for landing paid jobs.

It will be fun, I'm looking forward to it!!