Friday, June 26

Revival with Don Couch

We just finished up two days with our evangelist Don Couch. We have two more to go. It has been good so far, we are all anticipating even more. I became acquainted with the Couches through working with our District Women's Department. Don's wife, Kay is quite the woman! She's beautiful, health conscious, detail oriented, and a servant at heart. Don is blessed to have such a woman of quality as his wife! Congratulations Don! Also congratulations to Don and Kay who have been married 35 years, they just celebrated an anniversary last week.

So, back to revival.... Last night Don specifically targeted about 4 or 5 people and gave them a word of prophecy. As a Pastor it was exciting to listen to his words, knowing the whole story of each person he was talking to. I am so anxious to see each prophecy fulfilled in each of their lives. :-) I eagerly await Saturday and Sunday to see what God is going to continue to do.

Until blessed!!