Friday, June 19

One Step Completed

Camry "graduates" from her modeling class tomorrow. We have invited family to view the presentation. It is a ramp show with two different outfits; dressy casual and after five. Camry is a little nervous...there's one particular swirling move that can make you look awesome if you do it correctly, or there's the potential of missing a beat and then you don't look so good :-/ !! Her instructors have also told her that clients sometimes come to graduations, so she's a little nervous about that too! Her grandma & grandpa are going to be there (with bells on I would imagine!); they will no doubt be busting their buttons while Camry is on the ramp.

This is the completion of step one of Modeling School, next will be the portion of the training that covers television and print ads. She's VERY excited about these classes. I'll be sure and post some pics of her graduation and let you know how it went!