Monday, June 29

Fireworks Tent

It's time for fireworks tent again!! If you were following me last year you might remember the post where our tent almost blew away, rescued by myself and Christina (our associate pastors wife). My one lesson from that?? Grab the cash registers and credit card machine, then go inside!! The rest can blow away without me or my help!! I can guarantee you I won't hold the tent up again during that kind of weather. That was a horrible experience. :)

But, on to this year.... I have made a mental decision that I'm going to kick back and enjoy this. Now, there's no doubt that a fireworks tent is a lot of hard work, but there's also no doubt that it can be tons of fun as well. So I have chosen to get my mind off the junk and on to the fun!! I'm even up earlier than usual today because of it!!

We do need your prayers though, the company we work with has given us an ultimatum. We have to sell $10,000 this year or they won't let us do it again. So if you live near Welch, get your fireworks from us!! If you live light years away, pray that God will supply the need. It's a great service to our community and we hate to lose the opportunity to help out.

Happy 4th of July!!