Friday, March 6

New Levels--New Devils!!!

Week one of my journey to a lifestyle change has ended. Yesterday was day 7. I was so excited, I did it. I completed one week. Woo hoo!

But now week two has started and and today was not so good!!! I struggled the whole time, having to push, push, push to even keep my heart rate up in the 60 percentile range, I think I only hit the 70's once!! That's soooo bad compared to last week. :-( But even in my struggle, the good news is I didn't quit. I wanted to sooooooooo very bad. I gave myself all kinds of excuses. All kind of alternate plans. But I would not achieve my goal of 21 days of consistency if I didn't finish my work out today. Thank goodness for short term goals. It was my kick in the pants for today!!

My workout is over and I'm off for tomorrow for a day of "rest" (at least from the gym!). I'm looking forward to better days ahead. I didn't like having a bad day.