Monday, March 16

My beautiful daughter

Our second oldest daughter has been going to modeling classes, she has really learned so much just in the few short weeks she has attended. With less than 1/2 her classes completed she was given an opportunity to attend an audition. So we did everything that we knew to do and anticipated learning a great experience in order to be prepared for future tryouts closer to the end of classes.

Much to our surprise, Camry not only auditioned, but she made the cut!! We were so surprised. You aren't supposed to make your first audition!! :-o On top of that, she not only made the cut for the show she auditioned for, but also got invited to do a different show this Saturday. We were thrilled!

I am so proud of Camry. I can't tell you how much she has changed over the last year. Her self-esteem is going up and up and up, and I am elated. Tonight when she walked on that runway during the tryout she exuded confidence. I couldn't have asked for more. You know this modeling class isn't free, but I can guarantee you that Camry is worth EVERY penny we are investing in her. She such a good girl.