Wednesday, March 18

Almost there!!

Tomorrow will be 21 days of consistency. 1st short term goal achieved! Yea for me. :-)

The road has been relatively easy. A few bumps, but not bad. There was only one day that I truly didn't want to go to the gym, but with just a small nudge from my husband I was off to workout.

My major issue to overcome is psychological. When I weighed in yesterday I had only lost one pound. That means that in almost 2 1/2 weeks of working out and monitoring calories I have only lost 2 pds. Because of this I can hear the voices taunting me...This isn't worth it. It doesn't matter how much you work out you're never going to lose weight. You're just wasting your money. Why bother working out for an hour, 30 mins will do, you're not losing weight anyway? There's no need to push, it doesn't make a difference anyway.

So I choose to fight with everything in me against those voices. I know those voices are NOT TRUTH. I know the choices I am making are for long term change, I did not end up overweight overnight, and I will not end up healthy in just 3 short weeks!! This doesn't make the road easy, it just gives me the opportunity to win every time I walk out of the gym. As long as I don't give in, I will win every time I work out.