Sunday, May 22

Empty Nest is getting closer!!

People keep telling me that Empty Nest isn't that great, but being, at the very least, 7 years away from it, it's looking pretty sweet to me!! :)  I can't help it, I just like being with my husband!!  Empty Nest looks incredibly inviting to me....

But on to the reason Empty Nest is getting closer.  Our second oldest, Camry, graduated from high school today.  She was one of two top scholars.  Her speech was the most unique speech I have ever heard; to the point that I didn't know if it would get approved because it wasn't really even a speech!  The principal approved it with no hesitation and she was all set for the graduation ceremony.

When it came time for her speech, she presented herself so well.  Her speech was so totally and completely NOT about HER.  I cried all the way through it because I was so proud of my daughter's final act as a high school senior.  It was so selfless; the act of a responsible young woman.  Other parents were taking pictures during Camry's speech!  What a testament to my daughter.  :)

She'll be off to SAGU in Texas in the fall.  she and her sister will be roomies.  Camry's looking forward to her new journey and all the excitement it will bring.  Me?  It'll be weird not have any girls but me in the house, but I've no doubt I'll adjust.  :)

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